1930’s Makeup Style

As previously announced Skinmagz are on a ‘Vintage Hype’. Last week was dedicated to the 1920’s, this week  focuses on the following decade: the 1930’s…


In the early 30’s the “Tea rose” (ivory with a touch of pink) was most popular for face foundation. Powder was caked on really heavily and rosy blusher was usually used.


The upper eyelashes usually had heavy mascara  (which was known as mascaro back then). Popularly worn eyeshadow includes blue, bright violet, green, brown and orchid.


Eyebrows were high and long or shaved off entirely and drawn on, with eyebrow pencil, extended well toward the temple.

To give them a shiny look, eyebrows were dressed with petroleum jelly, brillantine or olive oil.


Fine and thin and horizontal in shape. Red lipstick was very popular.


Max Factor

Max Factor was the man behind makeup in the 30’s. He had a salon on Hollywood Boulevard which brought him movie star clientelle like Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, and Claudette Colbert.  He has been credited with inventing cosmetic necessities like mascara and pancake. Max Factor was also said to have popularised the term “makeup”.

circa 1930: Make-up man Max Factor (1904 - 1996) helps Mary McAllister with her beauty treatment.


The Revlon company was the first to commercialize nail polish. Before Revlon, nail polish used to slide off the nails.  Revlon developed nail enamel with the help of a chemist. The formula allowed the polish to remain on the nails. By the end of the 1930s, they sold matching lip and nail color.

Revlon Nail Enamel Ad Campaign

Elizabeth Arden

She is famous for inventing the concept of a “makeover”.
Arden collaborated with A. Fabian Swanson, a chemist, to create a “fluffy” face cream. The cream was called Venetian Cream Amoretta and was very successful; it led to her bring out corresponding lotion and Arden Skin Tonic. This revolutionized cosmetics, bringing a scientific approach to formulations.

Elizabeth Arden

Billie Holiday, along with being an outstanding jazz singer was also a makeup trend setter in the 30s. Her photo below, which was taken sometime in the 30s, says it all!!


Billie Holiday- Her eyebrows are drawn on and though the picture is not coloured, research showed that her lipstick was red. (The coloured picture is copyright protected, so cannot be used for this post).

Bilie Holiday with matted rouge lipstick.


Makeup In The 1920’s


Prior to the 1920’s, a very pale, pasty face was popular, however changes in social attitudes in the 20’s  made it acceptable for women to be outdoors so the face shade changed to a more natural hue.It was rumoured that Coco Chanel fell asleep in the sun and made the tan look very popular!!! Having rouge toned cheeks was also very rampant.

Actress Playing Coco-Chanel


For the lips, lLipstick was applied in a curved shape on the upper lip, this was fashionable and was referred to as  “Cupid’s-Bow”. Also the lower lip was exaggerated a bit and the width of the lips was de-emphasized a little, red coloured lipstick was usually used and the texture was matte.Beauty marks were occassionally used

Example of cupids bow lips


For the eyes, mascara was avaliable but only in  cake, tube and wax(it was called eyelash darkner),this was applied to a brush. There was even waterproof formulations available.To curl and lengthen lashes there was a curler called the Kurlash. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to use.

Eyelash Darkner in Wax

1926 Actress Viola Dana Advertising Eyelash Darkner For Maybelline

For the eyes, Kohl eyeliner was smudged over the entire lid with petroleum jelly. Grays and browns were very popular.


Eyebrows were usually very thin and almost invisible. They also sloped, downward sloping and inked with black or brown eyeliner.

1920's eyebrows

One lady that really looked good in the 20’s was Josephine Baker. She was one of the best-known entertainers in both France and much of Europe in the 1920’s. Her makeup was always intact.

Josephine Baker

Ms Baker looking very 1920's with really thin eyebrows, dark eyelashes and red lipstick...flawless!

OPI Releases New 2011 Spring Collection

OPI Texas spring summer 2011 Collection

OPI is a reputable nail polish company and the polishes are loved by many nail professionals and celebrities…including katy perry who collaborated with them late last year and released a nail polish line..

Katy Perry..aka Mrs Brand's OPI Collection

Their new collection is called Texas Texas, after the American state.

Opi Texas Spring-Summer 2011 Nail-polish-Collection Ad Poster

OPI have previously designed collections inspired after a variety of countries including Russia and Spain so this collection is not absolutely shocking…


OPI 2011 Texas Nail Polish Collection

The polish colours in the Texas 2011 spring collection vary widely from neutrals to bright. You can find a nail polish shade suitable for absolutely everyone and any occasion..So no one misses out

The new collection will contain 12 new nail colors, each having a different texture to chose from cremes, shimmer

The Launch Date is in February 2011 and each 15m bottle is  £9.95.

Top 5 Eyeshadow Primers

An Eyeshadow primer helps in enabling eyemakeup to stay on for longer and the colour to look sharper . Here at skinmagz we are big fans of primers and have therefore decided to let you in on our top 5 eyeshadow primers… enjoy!!

5) E.L.F Eyeshadow Mineral Primer

E.L.F Eyeshadow Mineral Primer

This Eyeshadow Primer  is gentle and completely sheer..It has key vitamins A, C and E which help to prevent aging. It moisturises the skin and glides on easily, it also disappears instantly to create longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow.

4) NYX Eyeshadow Base Primer.

NYX Eyeshadow base

NYX Eyeshadow base helps agains fading and creasing. It transforms any eyeshadow into a blendable colour and intensifies the colour.

3)TWO FACED Shadow Insurance- Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer

Two Faced Shadow Insurance- Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer

This lightweight base is every ‘smokey eye fanatic’s’ must have! Though it comes in a small tube, it is worth every penny. It keeps eyeshadow crease-free and  still on for up to 12hours.

2)BENEFIT Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow and Concealer Primer

Benefit 's Stay Don't Stray Primer

This stay-put primer really does what it says… it leaves the eyeshadow  also-free and fresh looking for hours. It is  good for both concealer and eyeshadow which makes it multi purpose and economically sensible. it is very easy to apply as it has a glide on well and blends easily, it also comes with a Pump dispenser for no mess and easy application. It is also reasonably priced  and lasts for hours which is why it is our number 2..

1)URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original and Sin

Urban Decay is beauty with an edge so its no surprise that their primer is our number 1.. The sillicon based product glides very easily onto eyes, stops the eyeshadow from creasing and allows the colour to appear brighter. It also dries very quickly to give a nice powdery matt feel, which makes it easy to apply the eyeshadow. it basically does everything a primer is supposed to.. 100% and will change your relationship with eyeshadows forever.

M.A.C teams up with Marcel Wanders for new collection

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders who is known for unique designs including glassware, furniture and all sorts of whimsical yet practical designs, has released a line of cosmetics with Mac. This is the designer’s first taste of the cosmetic industry as he is an interior design and has engaged in  projects like the Miami’s Mondrian South Beach.

Miami’s Mondrian South Beach.

The line is a limited-edition collection that offers everything from a sleek and scrolled black tapestry clutch to mascara, lip glosses, lipsticks, pressed powders and makeup brushes that are designed like furnitures!!

Mac in describing the line stated that sophisticates will be bonkers for our extra-beautiful partnership with Marcel Wanders, the Dutch industrial designer known for his classicism-meets-futurism objects created with “a sense of love in the product.”

It is now available..

Vera Wang is set to Launch new makeup line

Vera Wang

The wedding dress tycoon is set to expand her cosmetic range which currently consists of only perfumes(Princess and signature), by having a range of beauty products. The line which is set to launch in spring 2012 will consist of bath products,  make-up, skincare and beauty accessories.

Beautiful wedding gowns by Vera Wang

The sad news however is that the range which is part of the Simply Vera Wang lifestyle collection (which includes bedding, jewelry and leather goods which has been sold in Kohls department store since 2006) will be retailed only in the United States through Kohls stores and at kohls.com. Lets just hope Ms Wang will expand to the UK as time goes.

Jennifer Lopez Joins The Many Beautiful Faces Of L’Oreal

It has been announced that Jennifer Lopez is to be the new face of L’Oreal’s Eversleek product range.In expressing her excitement, the singer and award winning actress stated   “I’ve always loved their sophisticated ad campaigns and am thrilled to represent a brand that embraces a woman’s worth.

Jennifer Lopez is to join a host of other beautiful stars in becoming a L’Oreal ambassador including, Milla Jovovich, Rachel Weisz, Beyonce Knowles, Diane Kruger, Evangeline Lilly,Eva Longoria,  and Freida Pinto .

l'oreal ambassadors eva longoria (left), andie macdowell and kate del castillo (right) attend the ceremony celebrating l'oreal's 100th anniversary with a star on the hollywood walk of fame

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

Her TV and print campaign is to launch on the 25th of  January alongside Jovovich