Celebrity Makeup Artist -Jackie Gomez Steals Our Hearts!!

Jackie Gomez

She has made up major divas from beyonce, Jennifer Lopez to solange and even Victoria’s secret models Aldridge and Erin Heatherton.She really has made her stamp in the celebrity makeup world.. A native to Colombia, Jackie Gomez sees the cultural importance of  loving  exotic features. She also believes makeup is not used to hide natural assets, but is the international tool used to make every woman look and feel amazing.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


Jackie, also a color expert at Sephora, shows how everyone-no matter how small the eyes, big the lips, round the face-can look and feel better with just a stroke of her makeup brush.

She is one hardworking makeup artist..no wonder her clientel has expanded to male celebrities (including Marc Anthony, Antonio Banderas, The Clipse and The Pack.)..To add to her long list of cridentials is the fact that she has a big heart.. Last year Gomez joined BeChic Mag & Mercedes Sanchez to raise money for NYC’s Cornelia Connelly Center, a middle school for girls, funded solely by donations that helps prepare girls for high school and college.

Antonio Banderas

Jackie Gomez held a two-hour beauty workshop to benefit the Cornelia Connelly Center

in explaining her mission Jackie stated that her mission is to make everyone feel beautiful. She also explained that the journey to loving self doesn’t have to be tough or time consuming, with just the right touch of lip gloss and the simple blends of eye shadow, anyone can feel great about how they look, transcending to a feel-good change in the body and mind….

Jackie & Kelly Rowland

Since our slogan here at Skinmagz is “Embracing Beauty With A Little Enhancement”…you will now understand why we have major love for Jackie Gomez!


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