Rihanna launches own fragrance

Rihanna in rebl fleur fragrance Ad

I know you must all be tired of celebrities bringing out their own fragrances..but it seems Rihanna doesn’t  mind not being ‘the only girl’ with her own fragrance line as she has joined the many celebrities, including her supposed best friend katy perry(https://skinmagz.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/katy-perry-launches-own-fragrance/) by releasing own fragrance..

The fragrance is named after her grammatically incorrect tattoo..“rebelle fleur”(In French, “rebellious flower” actually translates into “fleur rebelle.”but her tatoo says “rebelle fleur”)..which she had done August last year.

Rihanna's Reb'l Tattoo

She told People magazine the name was inspired by her grandma in Barbados who called Rihanna “her Rebel Flower”.

It’s being described as “like heels with a short, flirty dress.” (The bottle itself is in the shape of a high heel.)

The fragrance is a reflection of her tropical roots as the smell consists of  a fruity mix of red berries, plum, peach, coconut water, violet and Hawaiian hibiscus..

fragrance bottle and packaging

it will be available internationally in the spring of this year..but first only at Macys at the end of this month.

Rihanna In Rebl Fleur Promotional Picture


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