Cruelty-Free Makeup Company “Beauty Without Cruelty” Relaunches Makeup Line

Beauty without cruelty (BWC)  was established in 1963 and has been known for its natural, organic, and safe ingredients.

The company recently  re-launched its make-up range with new packaging and formulations but with the same commitment to its origins as an ethical brand. The new range also places great emphasis on its on lipsticks and nail varnishes.Other products in the range include mascaras that are free from parabens, as are all of the products in the range, eye pencils, loose mineral eye shadow, pressed mineral duo eye shadow, and lip gloss.

The new range looks really great and can be purchased at


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Gboby is actually a combination of two names namely; Gbonju and Oby. We are sisters and enjoy everything and anything to do with makeup, skincare, hair, and Fragrance. Our mission therefore, is to update you on the latest, greatest, and best products out there. We aim to bring you pure quality products and styles, because thats what we're about...... so get ready to be "Exclusified"

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