Kim Kardashian To Release New Gold Perfume

Gold by Kim Kardashian


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is set to release her second perfume in April 2011. The perfume will be a follow up of her 2010 fragrance which is called “Kim Kardashian”.

Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian

The new perfume  is called “Gold” and has a similar shaped bottle to her first fragrance but is gold in colour.

It contains bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, violet, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, benzoin and musk.

1940’s Makeup Trend

Here is a typical 40's woman- the scarf on her head indicates that she working...

Makeup in the 40’s was less glamorous and more subdued because of the recovery from the great depression and the fact that the government sent the men out to war, so the women had to work.


Foundation was usually a shade darker than normal skin tone and brushed over with a lighter powder to give a natural glow.


To complete the natural beauty effect, rouge colors with pinkish undertones, bright pinks with fuchsia undertones and bright roses were applied to the apple of the cheeks.


Dark brown or black mascara was applied and a small eyeliner was also sometimes used. Eyeshadows varied in muted grays and browns.


Unlike the 20’s and 30’s, eyebrows were kept very natural and thick; they were manicured into clean, well defined arches and accented by the use of a dark brown pencil.


The Monotone Decade- The 40’s was the golden age for lip makeup,  the idea was to emphasise a larger, fuller look- popular colours included fuchsia, pink red and orange red.


The late jazz performer was well known in the 1940’s for her big voice and active membership in the NAACP at a very young age. Whether acting or singing, she always managed to keep up with the trends in her glamorous outfits and beautiful make-up styles.

Lena Horne

Lady Gaga Plans To Bring Out Blood Scented Fragrance

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga who is know for her controversial  antics and outfits is planing to release a fragrance that smells like blood and semen!! So she basically wants her fans to walk around smelling like ‘RAPE’..well she did wear real meat t0 the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards which probably meant she smelled like blood..its no suprise she wants everyone to smell the same.

The fragrance is set to be released sometime in 2012. We cant wait to see how it goes..

At the MTV Video Music Awards In Her Meat Outfit

Fresh From The Runway!! 2011 Pre-Fall Make-Up Trends.

The 2011 pre-fall collection consisted of many makeup styles; there were however a few designers that stood out for us here at Skinmagz So we thought we’d share them with you…Enjoy!!


2011 Chanel Pre-Fall-Fashion Show

Chanel placed emphasis on the eyes to give a dramatic 1920’s couture look. The skin looked very smooth and caked so as to give an Egyptian look.

Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2011 Collection

Unlike Chanel (above), LV gave the lips more attention, styling the models with matted rougue shade.  Their faces were left pale, to emphasise the lips…very 1930s.

Burberry Pre-Fall 2011

Like Chanel, the Burberry models paraded the runway with dramatic eyes, although they had a more smokey, nude look.

Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

The Calvin models were made to look very natural for the pre-fall collection this year. This is due to fact that the collection consisted of mainly nude coloured outfits, hence why makeup was kept to a minimum.

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Donna Karan also had a large collection of tan and natural coloured outfits in it’s collection, so the makeup was natural and looked ‘barely there’.

Yves saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2011 collection

Paris was definitely not ready for the glamour that was swept in by YSL. The collection was sophistiated and the make-up was even better. Attention was placed on the lips with a powerful rouge tone…very GLAM!

Gwen Stefani Is The New Ambassador Of L’Oreal Paris.

Gwen Stefani, L'Oreal Paris Spokesmodel

Miss Stefani has joined L’Oreal and is the new face of L’Oreal Paris. The beautiful 41 year old, who is currently working on a new album with band, ‘No Doubt’, is the face of the Infallible Le Rouge lip colour. The rocker has joined other music sensations like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce  in representing the cosmetics and beauty brand.

The inspiring mega-star said to the news: “I can’t believe I get to be one of the L’Oreal girls. I love playing dress up on stage or shooting videos, it’s always been one of my favourite parts of being in a band. And to get to work with such a modern, talented group of people is really exciting. I’m a lucky, lucky girl”.

Her first campaign was aired at the Golden Globes on the 16th of January, this year.

1930’s Makeup Style

As previously announced Skinmagz are on a ‘Vintage Hype’. Last week was dedicated to the 1920’s, this week  focuses on the following decade: the 1930’s…


In the early 30’s the “Tea rose” (ivory with a touch of pink) was most popular for face foundation. Powder was caked on really heavily and rosy blusher was usually used.


The upper eyelashes usually had heavy mascara  (which was known as mascaro back then). Popularly worn eyeshadow includes blue, bright violet, green, brown and orchid.


Eyebrows were high and long or shaved off entirely and drawn on, with eyebrow pencil, extended well toward the temple.

To give them a shiny look, eyebrows were dressed with petroleum jelly, brillantine or olive oil.


Fine and thin and horizontal in shape. Red lipstick was very popular.


Max Factor

Max Factor was the man behind makeup in the 30’s. He had a salon on Hollywood Boulevard which brought him movie star clientelle like Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, and Claudette Colbert.  He has been credited with inventing cosmetic necessities like mascara and pancake. Max Factor was also said to have popularised the term “makeup”.

circa 1930: Make-up man Max Factor (1904 - 1996) helps Mary McAllister with her beauty treatment.


The Revlon company was the first to commercialize nail polish. Before Revlon, nail polish used to slide off the nails.  Revlon developed nail enamel with the help of a chemist. The formula allowed the polish to remain on the nails. By the end of the 1930s, they sold matching lip and nail color.

Revlon Nail Enamel Ad Campaign

Elizabeth Arden

She is famous for inventing the concept of a “makeover”.
Arden collaborated with A. Fabian Swanson, a chemist, to create a “fluffy” face cream. The cream was called Venetian Cream Amoretta and was very successful; it led to her bring out corresponding lotion and Arden Skin Tonic. This revolutionized cosmetics, bringing a scientific approach to formulations.

Elizabeth Arden

Billie Holiday, along with being an outstanding jazz singer was also a makeup trend setter in the 30s. Her photo below, which was taken sometime in the 30s, says it all!!


Billie Holiday- Her eyebrows are drawn on and though the picture is not coloured, research showed that her lipstick was red. (The coloured picture is copyright protected, so cannot be used for this post).

Bilie Holiday with matted rouge lipstick.

Urban Decay Releases 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil

A new eye shadow pencil called 24/7 glide-on pencil has been released by Urban Decay as part of their 2011 spring collection. The pencil, which comes in 12 different colours, was described on the UD website as crease-proof and waterproof, further more it is said to deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The texture is shimmery and creamy. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free.

MAC Set To Release Wonder Woman Collection on In Spring 2011

The inspiration for MAC’s spring 2011 collection is DC comic’s wonder woman. The collection captures wonder woman and the complete myth that surrounds the life and personality of the super-hero.The limited edition colour cosmetics collection which is set for a spring 2011 launch features Wonder Woman in a lineup of lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and nail polish, so it is quiet a large collection.

In explaining the reason for using wonder woman, the Vice President and at the same time, creative director of MAC, James Gager stated that: “Wonder Woman is empowered to do the most magical, wonderful things to save the day; with M.A.C, our products empower women by allowing them to look great and feel better than they ever have in their lives.”

Here is a breakdown of what the collection consists of;

Opulash Mascara

Victorious Purple (Limited Edition)

Army of Amazons Green (Limited Edition)

Themyscira Blue (Limited Edition)

Themyscira Blue (Limited Edition)

wonder Woman Mascara



Emancipation Pale neutral pink (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Bright red with soft pearl (Limited Edition)

Athena’s Kiss Bright blue fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Athena’s Kiss Bright blue fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Lipglass


Marquise d’ Sandy cream peach (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Russian Red Intense bluish-red (Matte) (Permanent)

Spitfire Bright creamy magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Heroine Brown bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Lipstick

Penultimate Eye Liner

Rapidblack True black (Permanent)

Nail Lacquer

Obey Me True red (Limited Edition)

Spirit of Truth Navy blue (Limited Edition)

Defiance Eyeshadow Quad

Defiance Iridescent white pink (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Paradise Island Soft warm pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Star Studded Mid-tone violet pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Real Drama Dark burgundy with pink pearl (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Eyeshadow

Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad

Lady Justice Bright silver with white pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Insurmountable Dirty blue grey (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Bold Babe Deep metal blue with white pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Deep Truth True dark blue (Frost) (Permanent)

Valiant Eyeshadow Quad

Valiant Light lime with yellow pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Spinning Transformation Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Diana Undercover Dark forest green (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Manila Paper Pale frost white gold (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Reflects Glitter

Reflects Pearl White glitter with pearl sheen (Glitter) (Permanent at PRO)

Reflects Bronze Sparkling rich gold (Glitter) (Permanent at PRO)


Bright Fuchsia Bright magenta (Permanent)

Marine Ultra Vivid marine blue (Permanent at PRO)

Wonder Woman Pigment

Blush Duo

Mighty Aphordite Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl (Satin/Frost) (Limited Edition)

Amazon Princess Bright yellow pink/Deep blue pink with gold pearl (Satin/Satin) (Limited Edition)

Mineralise Skinfinish

Pink Power Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/Soft shell pink with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)

Golden Lariat True coral with fine gold shimmer/Soft suntanned bronze/Soft gold with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Makeup Bag

Wonder Woman Red (Limited Edition)

Bulletproof Blue (Limited Edition)

Utility Belt Eye Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Utility Belt Face Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Invicible Mirror (Limited Edition)

The collection is set to be released in America on the February 10th, 2011 and the International Launch Date is March 2011






Makeup In The 1920’s


Prior to the 1920’s, a very pale, pasty face was popular, however changes in social attitudes in the 20’s  made it acceptable for women to be outdoors so the face shade changed to a more natural hue.It was rumoured that Coco Chanel fell asleep in the sun and made the tan look very popular!!! Having rouge toned cheeks was also very rampant.

Actress Playing Coco-Chanel


For the lips, lLipstick was applied in a curved shape on the upper lip, this was fashionable and was referred to as  “Cupid’s-Bow”. Also the lower lip was exaggerated a bit and the width of the lips was de-emphasized a little, red coloured lipstick was usually used and the texture was matte.Beauty marks were occassionally used

Example of cupids bow lips


For the eyes, mascara was avaliable but only in  cake, tube and wax(it was called eyelash darkner),this was applied to a brush. There was even waterproof formulations available.To curl and lengthen lashes there was a curler called the Kurlash. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to use.

Eyelash Darkner in Wax

1926 Actress Viola Dana Advertising Eyelash Darkner For Maybelline

For the eyes, Kohl eyeliner was smudged over the entire lid with petroleum jelly. Grays and browns were very popular.


Eyebrows were usually very thin and almost invisible. They also sloped, downward sloping and inked with black or brown eyeliner.

1920's eyebrows

One lady that really looked good in the 20’s was Josephine Baker. She was one of the best-known entertainers in both France and much of Europe in the 1920’s. Her makeup was always intact.

Josephine Baker

Ms Baker looking very 1920's with really thin eyebrows, dark eyelashes and red lipstick...flawless!

Skinmagz Does Vintage!!

Yep you read the title right…for the rest of the month of January, Skinmagz is going to do a feature every week on past decades, starting with the 1920’s.We will be looking back at celebrities and products that have set the trends for the different makeup looks of today…well here we go and hope you all enjoy it!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist -Jackie Gomez Steals Our Hearts!!

Jackie Gomez

She has made up major divas from beyonce, Jennifer Lopez to solange and even Victoria’s secret models Aldridge and Erin Heatherton.She really has made her stamp in the celebrity makeup world.. A native to Colombia, Jackie Gomez sees the cultural importance of  loving  exotic features. She also believes makeup is not used to hide natural assets, but is the international tool used to make every woman look and feel amazing.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


Jackie, also a color expert at Sephora, shows how everyone-no matter how small the eyes, big the lips, round the face-can look and feel better with just a stroke of her makeup brush.

She is one hardworking makeup wonder her clientel has expanded to male celebrities (including Marc Anthony, Antonio Banderas, The Clipse and The Pack.)..To add to her long list of cridentials is the fact that she has a big heart.. Last year Gomez joined BeChic Mag & Mercedes Sanchez to raise money for NYC’s Cornelia Connelly Center, a middle school for girls, funded solely by donations that helps prepare girls for high school and college.

Antonio Banderas

Jackie Gomez held a two-hour beauty workshop to benefit the Cornelia Connelly Center

in explaining her mission Jackie stated that her mission is to make everyone feel beautiful. She also explained that the journey to loving self doesn’t have to be tough or time consuming, with just the right touch of lip gloss and the simple blends of eye shadow, anyone can feel great about how they look, transcending to a feel-good change in the body and mind….

Jackie & Kelly Rowland

Since our slogan here at Skinmagz is “Embracing Beauty With A Little Enhancement”…you will now understand why we have major love for Jackie Gomez!

Skinmagz’s Makeup Favourites From The 37th People’s Choice Awards

The 37th people’s choice awards took place in L.A early this month…The starlets flooded the red carpet with different fashion styles to set off the new year..However two main ladies got us buzzing here skinmagz with their makeup style ..

LivingTV's show 'Nikita' 's Star Tiffany Hines

We love the eyeshadow shade and pink lippy!!..The same look can be achieved with the  products below….


Mac Climate Blue Eyeshadow

Revlon Fantasy Length False Lashes

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner

Me Me Me Pink Light Up Lipgloss

Accessorize Pink Scarlet Blusher

If  Tiffany’s makeup is a little too ‘vavavoom’ for you… you can try Khloe Kardashian’s look…She went for there barely there nude look..rounding it up with a nice peach coloured lipstick


Reality TV star khloe kardashian rocking red-hair at the peoples choice awards 2011


L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick #419 Sweet Peach

Lancome Eye Care 12g Le Crayon Khol Waterproof


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